20 Ways to Make Money

Earn cashback on websites. I use Quidco and have made nearly £1500 so far just by shopping on line. This is a no brainer. So every time you want to shop online go to Quidco, search for your retail outlet, click on it and it will take you straight to your chosen shop and it automatically records your payment. Simple!

Car Boot Sale. Get rid of stuff you don't want or use anymore and set up a stall on a car boot. These places are usually busy and you'll get rid of your things in no time. Take someone with you for company, you'll have more fun plus you can have a mooch around the stall yourself whilst your friend looks after your stall.

Facebook Selling Site. Sell your items for free on the Facebook Marketplace. This is great if you want to sell local too.

The Next Door App is a great app for local news and selling your stuff. You only see things that are around your postcode.

Ebay. Probably one of the top places to earn money. You can either let people bid for your items or sell at a fixed price.

Etsy. Make your own products and sell on Etsy. The selling fees on Etsy are really low so this is worth doing if you have a few handmade items hanging around the house. Make sure you take good photos!.

Fiverr. Join Fiverr and sell some giggs. Whatever your skill is, offer your work globally. This is great earning potential and can be a regular income. Yes I have tried and tested it and it works! My sister has earned from this too just by doing some typing for people Go and check it out!.

Babysitting. Offer family and friends a babysitting service. Ok the pay might not be great but every little helps!

Dog Sitting/Walking. This seems to be quite popular and most households these days have a pet. Once someone hires you they tend to hire you again. Not only will you earn but you will get fit too and the pets will love you for it.

Home Help. Offer home help services especially for the elderly ie: do there shopping, cleaning, odd jobs around the house.

Gardening. Water peoples plants while they're on holiday or mow peoples gardens.

Window Cleaning. We all need our windows cleaned. Get advertising!

Sell your baking. Do you like to bake? If you do well a lot of people don't like to bake and prefer to buy from someone else. Advertise on your Facebook posts or Instagram.

Find what your good at and market yourself. There must be something you like doing and are good at so advertise this and start earning.

Start a Blog! If you like writing you can earn from a blog but don't get too excited as earning from a blog can take time so I suggest doing this on the side to start with.

Sell your old clothes. If you've got some good quality clothes sell them on Ebay.

Sell your photographs on line either on your own website or on Picfair.

Sell your own phones and gadgets. There's lot of places that want to buy your old gadgets such as sellmymobile.com

Cat Feeding. Advertise cat feeding services in your local area. Quite an easy job for easy money. My son as done this and he said it's better paid than his paper round!

Ironing service. If you like ironing then this is for you. I hate ironing as I think most people do and some would pay for someone to do it for them so give it a go!.

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