Creative Kitchen Revamp on a Shoe String

We have a small kitchen and even though it's small we couldn't afford a brand new kitchen what with the #lockdown dilemmas! So I thought I would revamp it on a budget. There are so many paints for cupboards nowadays this was a no brainer and started to plan what I was going to do during the #lockdown boredom!!

1. First thing was to give the kitchen a deep clean, especially the kitchen cupboards and tiles as these were getting painted on. Make sure these are scrubbed and all the fat is off if any and that it is dry and smooth before you start painting. Remove all handles and cupboard doors if you can.

2. I primed the cupboards with a primer for cupboards, there's a few to choose from but they all do the same thing so go with what you fancy. I used a paint roller with foam sponge to apply all coats of paints. I found this best rather than using a brush and gives a nice even finish.

3. For the cupboard top coat I applied 2 coats for the dark colour and 3 coats for the white depending on what colour your cupboards were beforehand. Allow to dry inbetween coats, don't rush this process as I know it is tempting to quickly to get it done but the results will be a lot better with a great finish.

4. Before I started on the tiles I used masking tape so not to overlap on other tiles and for a straight finish. Yes this is fiddley but you will be glad you did especially if you want different colours on the tiles as I did. Talk about extra workl!! For the tiles I didn't need a primer as the paint was an all-in-one. I would recommend at least 2 coats even if it says a one coat paint.

5. The walls were green before I started and I wanted a fresh look so went with chalk white kitchen paint which I bought from Wilkos and was really impressed with colour.

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