Cuppa tea and a slice o'cake

You can't beat a little nibble with a cup of tea and what better way to have is some tea loaf topped with a good dollop of butter . I make a tea loaf made with Yorkshire Tea of course!

Tea Loaf


175g Currants

175g Sultanas

225g Light Muscovado Sugar

300ml Strong hot tea

275g Self Raising Flour

1 Egg beaten


Measure fruit and sugar and add your hot tea, cover and leave overnight for best results (if you're not patient like me do it for 1 hour). Pre-heat oven at 150 degrees C. Grease and baseline a 2 lb tin or 2 x 1 lb tins. Stir the flour and egg into the fruit mixture, mix thoroughly then turn into the prepared tin/s and level the surface.

Bake in oven for 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 hours for the 2 lb tin or about an hour for the 1lb tins. Leave to cool and slice topped with butter.


You could even add a bit of booze when soaking overnight just reduced the amount of tea added.

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