Don't Frown in the Lockdown


1. For a start you'll get lines on your forehead that won't go.

2. Doesn't do you any good.

3. Brings on tension.

4. You'll look odd

5. You'll feel grumpy

6. Maybe your constipated

7. Worrying about money.

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1. Go for a walk even if it's bad weather. Get the right gear on and off you go.

2. Talk to family and friends or even your pets.

3. Bake - I find it very therapeutic plus the freshly baked smell of cake or bread will definitely undo that frown.

4. Look in the mirror and smile. What a difference a smile makes!

5. If you've been made redundant cancel all direct debits that you don't really need to reduce your out goings and don't be too fussy on applying for jobs. Any job will do to start with just to pay those bills ,you can always apply for better ones once you got a job!

6. Take a Senokot if you're constipated and cut down on white bread and white pasta (worst thing for constipation. Trust me I know!)

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7. Switch off screens and read a book. You might even fall asleep. Nothing like a cat nap to give you a boost.

8. Don't sit around so much, get off your backside and do something even if it's cleaning the house.

9. Drink plenty of water, it makes you more alert and you'll look better.

10. And breathe. Take deep breaths in and out 10 times. You'll feel relaxed instantly.

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