What is that pain I'm having?

Back in September 2006 I had my #gallbladder removed. It all started when I was pregnant with my youngest son. I was about 8 months pregnant and I had awful indigestion, the type where it is so uncomfortable you can't keep still. Something felt wrong so my husband rushed me to the emergency doctor. On the way there I had to tell my husband to stop the car as I had to vomit. We got to the docs and by this time I did feel better after a good old belch. The doc said it was common for pregnant women to have indigestion and heartburn when pregnant and gave me a high strength bottle of Gaviscon. So with that in mind I didn't think anything of it.

A week after I gave birth to my son I had similar symptoms but far worse, the pain was all round my front and back and I was short of breath and I was rocking myself to and fro trying to cope with it. This time it wouldn't go away and so I was rushed to hospital with our 1 week old baby. They did all sorts of tests including a full body scan as they thought it maybe a blood clot on the lungs! it wasn't thankfully and in the end they didn't find anything so I returned home a day later.

Exactly a week later it happened again (think i must have had the same fatty meal as the previous week) and got rushed into hospital. I saw a different doctor and this time he knew straight away what it was..#Gallstones!! They sent me for a ultrasound scan and this confirmed his diagnosis.

It was a relief to know what it was and was glad it was nothing too serious as I thought it was with the excruciating pain! They put me on a waiting list to have my #gallbladder removed and it was finally removed 5 months later (felt like 5 years) which meant I was in pain for all that time plus looking after our baby boy was not the greatest of times.

In those 5 months I had to be careful what I ate as certain foods used to set the pain off. For example lamb, beef and chicken (yes even chicken) was a no go as they contain a lot of fat. Everything I bought I had to look at the ingredients to see if there was any fat in it. Cheese was off the menu plus crisps (which I love with a glass of wine), basically all the things I like I couldn't eat as I couldn't bare the pain anymore.

So what did I eat?

Not a lot!!

Fish (without batter or breadcrumbs)

Salad (without dressing)


Salad Sandwiches (without butter or margarine)


Boiled eggs

Vegetable soups (homemade)

Vegetable Stir Frys (without oil)

Basically anything with virtually no fat!!

Yes I didn't eat a lot. In fact the thought of eating was daunting as you didn't know if you were going to be in pain after your meal.

After Effects of Gallbladder Removal

Well it was such a relief to have that thing out of me, just before surgery I was contemplating what I could eat afterwards, basically all the things I couldn't eat before.. all the fatty tasty things!

One of my favourite things to do at the weekends is to go out for breakfast with my family. I do love a cooked breakfast with some lovely fresh black ground coffee. The only downside of having fatty food is this can make me rush to the toilet and I mean rush as I need to get there pronto, so it can be a worry at times. Yes this is one of the after effects I would say this happened quite a lot for the first few years of having my gallbladder out but now it's not so bad.

Another side effect is having a mild gallstone pain (even though it's not there anymore), a bit like indigestion. This is usually if I've eaten late at night but its soon goes and this doesn't happen often. My sister had her gallbladder out 6 months before mine was taken out and her side effect is she has bad acid reflux especially at night. She always has her Renee tablets at hand just in case.

Overall having the gallbladder out for me was the best thing to do as my pain was constant. I think if I only had pain on rare occasions ie: once every few months I probably wouldn't have it out plus it's recommended to leave them alone.

Have you had any bad symptoms after your removal? Or is everything feel normal as it should be?

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