The 10 Advantages of Running A Mobile Beauty & Massage Business

As a experienced beauty and massage therapist of 19 years I'd thought share the advantages of running your own mobile business. It must be good if I've done it this long!

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1. No Salon Rent

I think the most thing I like about being a mobile therapist is being out and about. Your not stuck in a salon not seeing daylight plus most of all you're not paying the extortionate rent fees! and the bills that go with it. As you know being a therapist is a hands on job as is hard work being on your feet all day and to give most of your earnings to a landlord can leave you feeling 'what is the point!'

2. No Staff to Pay

If you're a one man/woman band you've only yourself to pay.

3. Less equipment to maintain

Because you don't have salon means you've less equipment to maintain which means less expense!

4. Customers Like It

Customers like the fact they don't have to go out and you can go to them at their convenience especially when most people work in the day you can do evening appointments. They especially like it when they've had a massage from you and that they don't have to go outside and face the world looking knackered!

5. The Elderly Love It

The older generation love it too as some are not mobile as they used to be so not only is it convenient for them but it's company. I love it too and they always have a tale to tell and sometimes they might even offer you a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake! Plus I've learned a lot from these people as they are older and wiser and more experience in life.

6. No Business Rates

No Salon means so business rates to pay which probably saves you at least £3000

7. You Can Fit It Around Other Commitments

The good thing is you can work around your other commitments especially if you have children you can pick them up from school. I like the fact I can nip home sometimes in between clients and put the washing on, walk the dog or do the food shopping.

8. 'No Shows' Are Limited

Yes you'll have very little if any no shows. Even if a customer as forgotten you were coming it's a little harder for them to turn you away if you're on their door step!

9. No Day The Same

As opposed to having a salon you can offer pamper parties or going to work places and treat clients there. The world is your oyster.

10. It's More Lucrative

You can earn more money in one hour than traditional 9-5 work and certainly much more than the minimum wage. Even after deducting your costs, beauty therapists can make a decent profit in a short time frame and all of the money is yours. Unlike in a salon where you have to give a percentage to the owner or put some money towards rent and bills. As a mobile beauty therapist, you’re also in control of your prices. You have more options to offer competitive rates than you would if working in a salon, so you can price your services in a way that’ll tempt clients.

A Bit Of Advice From Me to You

1. Always let someone know where you are for safety.

2. Don’t forget to set a mile radius for how far you are prepared to travel.

3. Factor in costs of mileage and petrol to treatment prices.

4. Have a minimum spend or minimum treatment time from the onset.

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