When is Toast not Toast?

I don't know about you but when I order toast for breakfast when I'm out I expect it to be toast. Toast as in toasted, browned, has colour to the bread, has a crunch when you bite into it covered in butter and jam or marmalade. But on several occasions, well actually quite a lot of times in my experience the toast comes out as warmed bread!! or it will come out looking a bit like toast only to bite into it like bread and tasteless. If I wanted warmed bread I'd ask for it! #morrisons

Another one is when the toast is presented to you and wrapped in a serviette. What the dickens! I presume this is to keep the toast warm but the toast gets damp and looses it's crunch. Can nobody get it right!!

I think most B&B's have it right as they usually serve it in a toast rack (which is how it should be served) to allow it to cool slightly and add that crunch to the toast. Plus I think the type of bread makes the difference to toast. If I go for brown toast it has to be granary or a sourdough as it has lots of flavour so if someone doesn't toast it how I like it then at least it tastes good. Sourdough bread is another good one for toasting and has a good crunch.

When I make toast at home I put it under the grill, (basically because we don't have room for a separate toaster) and I make sure it is properly toasted and browned on both sides and place the toast standing up or place it in a toast rack. The boys like white toast so i make sure I get good quality white bread or even make my own and the husband likes his homemade sourdough bread which he makes himself. Happy days!!

At the end of the day buy good quality bread or even better make your own and you will get lovely toasted results.

How do you like your toast? Do you grill or use a toaster? Which is better?

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