Woodland Walk, Hodnet Shropshire

As soon as Candy (our dog) hears to the word 'woods' she gets excited. She just can't contain herself. We own a woodland in Hodnet, Shropshire which is about 15 miles from where we live so Candy just can't get there quick enough. If only the woodland was in our back garden! As you can see she has her eyes on the road intently but the best thing about this photo is her ears and back of her head, I think this is so cute. #woodlandwalk #hodnet# shropshire #hodnetwalk #dogwalkers #jackrussellterrier

It takes about an hour to walk around the lovely woodland. No cars, no people just us. Bliss!

This part is the entrance to our part of the woodland. Candy likes to have a good run here.

We're looking forward to Autumn when the woodland turns from green to bronze so will be doing a Autumn woodland post soon.

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